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1. Upon completing the purchase
a. you will receive your designated number of flights to book and fly on flights within your selected Travel Zone during the Travel Period included with your purchase;
b. you may book flights within the parameters such as Travel Zone, Number of Flights, Travel Period, Cabin, Advance Booking, Passengers or any other parameter defined;
c. you will receive all standard services and amenities associated with your selected cabin in your designated flight which may be subject to change as per normal Vistara operating procedures;
d. you agree that your purchase is non-cancellable and non-refundable; and
e. any unused flights will expire after your Travel Period ends and you will not receive any refund for such unused flights, unless you extend your Travel Period before it ends by paying the applicable fees and charges
2. Flight Pass includes the Ticket Fare and all Taxes and Fees for all the eligible flights included in your Travel Zone. When you make a flight booking, you will not need to pay for the Ticket Fare or Taxes and Fees. However, in the event, the government and third party taxes and fees change from the time of 'Flight Pass' purchase and flight booking, there may be additional taxes to be paid at the airport subject to airport taxes and operating procedures.
3. If you wish to add any special service requests (meals, baggage, wheel chair or any other request), you will need to contact Vistara directly via their website or over the phone at the contact centre. Please note Vistara may levy an additional charge for these additional service requests.
4. Cancel booking - Normal policies of the Vistara will apply.
5. Change 'Flight Pass' - Changes to one or more parameters may be possible online under Manage My Books section. Each set of 'Flight Pass' has its own conditions attached which may include it being restricted for some changes.
6. Booking Limit Per Flight - For every pass purchased, You can book up to a maximum of 6 passengers per flight using Flight Pass. If you wish to book more than 6 passengers on a single flight, it would be subject to the discretion of the airline, however it is not guaranteed. You need to contact Optiontown for such a request and we would try to accomodate but it is not guaranteed. You unconditionally agree that if you are not able to book more than 6 passengers on a given flight, you cannot dispute the transaction because of this reason. You agree and unconditionally accept the same.
7. The Flight Pass is valid to book only those flights which are available for sale in Air Vistara website. Flights may be booked up to 1 year in advance of the departure date, subject to flight schedule being released and available for sale on Air Vistara website. For exact flights, you will need to check the Air Vistara website. So, if you are unable to book any flight due to non-availability for sale in Air Vistara website, then, you cannot hold Air Vistara or Optiontown responsible for this and cannot ask for refund or cancellation of your purchased pass. You agree and unconditionally accept the same.
8. You can book your flight in Premium Economy in all available RBD or fare classes except R and S class. Similarly, in Business, You can book your flight in all available RBD or fare classes except J and C class.
9. Key parameters
a. Travel Zone - Travel Zone defines the set of all routes and destinations that you can fly to/from (both sides). The travel is valid only on flights to these included routes and destinations operated by Vistara.
b. Number of Flights - Total Number of Flights included. One Flight Credit is needed for one passenger to take a single flight within the specified Travel Zone.
c. Cabin - The selected cabin (e.g. Premium Economy or Business) in which flights can be booked.
d. Travel Period - The travel is valid only on flights departing within the Travel Period.
e. Advance Booking - Advance Booking (in Days or hours) required before the travel date and time. You will need to book your flights on or before the Advance Booking limit.
f. Passengers - Passengers include the eligible set of travelers who can book and fly.